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Cisco  # GLC-SX-MM

Description: LX/LH SFP - Cisco Small Form-Factor Pluggable Gigabit Interface Converter, 1000BASE-SX SFP Transceiver Module.


GBIC's - Great Value - Best Prices Ever!

GGI GBICS specializes in selling hardware for today's business networks. Due to our great prices and ongoing customer support, our customers come from small businesses and large corporations, individuals, schools and colleges, vendors, resellers, and even the U.S. government. Our quest is to give you excellent deals and provide you with a large variety of network hardware. And remember, we give excellent prices on all our network equipment - you can save up to 50 -90% off list price!

100% Cisco Systems GBIC Compliant!

All of our transceivers are certified 100% Cisco compliant for all Cisco switch and router product lines. Our Cisco Compatible GBIC's are 100% guaranteed to meet or exceed IEEE standards.

Buy, Sell, & Trade Used GBICs and Used Network Equipment

When you buy, sell, or trade in your routers, switches, VoIP phones, or any network hardware equipment from Cisco GBICs, Foundry Networks GBICs, Juniper Networks GBICs, Brocade GBICs, Riverstone GBICs, Marconi GBICs, Extreme GBICs, etc. To learn more about this, visit IT Asset Recovery.

GGI's GBIC Basics:

"GBIC" or Giga Bit Interface Converter is an interface module that converts light stream fibre channel cable into electronic signals for use by network interface card(s). GBIC (electro-optical communications for networks) modules are easily configured and upgradeable.  Learn more, go to: GGI GBICS.

Huge GBIC Inventory

Take advantage of our huge inventory! What this means to you is that you will get your network hardware FAST! We want to be your trusted source for all pre-owned network equipment such as switches, VoIP phones, routers, or other IT assets too.

Finisar GBIC # FTRJ-8519-3

Description: Finisar 850nm SFP-SX GBIC. (Foundry logo on GBIC).


Knowledgeable & Friendly GBIC Account Consultants

Our GGI GBICS friendly and knowledgeable Account Consultants can give you more information about any of our products listed. All of our pre-owned products are of high value and fully-tested prior to shipping. GGI GBICS is an excellent source for all your network supplies, parts, and upgrades. Payment terms on approved credit.

Also, if you are in the network market for Used Cisco, visit our parent company, Genesis Global.


Please email us for a quote request at Our Account Consultants are always here for you. If you cannot see what you are looking for, drop us a line and put us to work!

Standard One-Year Warranty

GGI GBICS provides a one-year warranty for end-user customers. The warranty period for GGI GBICS begins on the day of shipment. This warranty does not cover software or key codes. For more information, go to GGI GBICS' warranty Webpage.

Keep your annual gross profit up and trade-in your network hardware with us. You may be amazed at how much money you can save as you upgrade your business network. Here at GGI GBICS, we make sure to give you a fair deal on your trade-in. To learn more, go to GGI GBICS IT Asset Recovery Webpage.

Just think of how much money you can save your company! Our quest is to give you excellent deals and provide you with a large variety of network hardware. And remember, GGI GBICS gives excellent prices on all our network equipment - you can save up to 50 -90% off list price!

Part # FTRJ-8519-7D

Description: 550m over 50/125um multi-mode fiber; 850nm Laser Transmitter (SX); Gb Ethernet IEEE802.3z compliant; Fiber Channel 100-M5-SN-1 & 100-M6-SN-1 compliant Dell Optical Transceiver.


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